Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anyone listening?

This is the CustomInk Technology blog, where we are going to try to cover what we have learned from deploying and maintaining a medium sized AJAX based web site (, In this blog we are going to cover mainly software development technologies and how we have applied them here at CustomInk.

Specifically we are going to talk about Ruby on Rails, Selenium, Selenium on Rails and the various deployments that we have gone through to get the site to the point that it is at now. We have found Ruby on Rails (Apache,pen,mongrel + monit) to be a stable, responsive, development platform and want to share our experiences around it.

95% of our testing is automated through a combination of unit tests, integration tests and selenium tests. Selenium is going to be the first topic that we cover in depth as we feel that Selenium is being widely used that we have a different approach that has worked very well for us and will work well for other small to medium size businesses. One of our developers spoke on this subject at last weeks Google Testing Automation Conference (GTAC):

The goal is to keep this discussion tech focused and try to make information available that we don't believe is that well exposed now.

Hope someone is listeing....